Find My Paintings

Canada House Gallery

Beautiful Banff, Alberta  gallery, which carries a great selection of my paintings. They ship worldwide and I am fortunate to have my work collected and shipped  worldwide. My paintings have been collected in Canada, the United States, China, England, Australia and more!



West End Gallery

West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta has a beautiful large gallery space perfect for showcasing my larger works. They feature a varied selection of my paintings and ship world wide.


Au  P'tit  Bonheur  Galerie d'art

This family owned gallery is located in the Charlevoix area of Quebec in a spacious and inviting multi room gallery. Artwork is shipped worldwide and La Malbaie is a popular tourist area in Canada. Au P'tit Bonheur carries a curated small collection of my work at all times.



Gibson Fine Art

Contemporary Calgary Gallery serving residential and corporate clients.


Contact Bev Rodin Studios, directly and we will locate one of the paintings you are looking for and connect you with the gallery closest to you to help with your purchase. Please use the form on the MAIL page.