Artist Statement

Artist Statement / Dèclaration d’artiste
Professional Canadian Artist/ artiste Canadienne professionnelle

Bev Rodin is interested in atmospheric light, transparency, movement, and moments in time. Internationally collected, each original archival painting on canvas combines large gestural brushwork, sumi-e, traditional and contemporary painting techniques and multiple glazes. Painting texture is achieved from both heavy canvas and brushwork. All materials are archival and finished with a top coat o UV protection. Paintings are ready be hung and unframed. In essence, Bev’s art reveals both the poetic and the beautiful in the natural phenomena that surround her life.

Good art like music plays forever and I endeavour to create imaginative, spiritual and individual work that does not lose its potency over time. I believe the space between the brushstrokes is where intuition liberates the intellect.  Both are essential. My predominantly medium and large scale paintings in acrylic medium on canvas, explore unusual lighting, transparency, abstraction, universality, movement, colour and connections between them.  These simple notions provide both the grand gestures and the details of my work.  I am also interested in the universal human responses and relationships to natural landscapes, water and the beauty of natural geometries. I am well known for three dominant themes, Forest Light Series, Shorelines Series and City and Country Gardens and recently a new theme Wetlands. Other works include internationally award winning watercolours and plein air small works.

Mes grandes peintures  étudent la lumière exceptionale, la couleur, le mouvement, les moments universeles, les dessins abstracte and leurs rapport avec les paysages naturel, de l’eaux and la beauté esthétique. Mes thèmes en vogue sont  des Forêts & du Lumière,  des Rivages et Les Jardins de ville et du campagne.

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